Christ Universal Mission Church

We are a multi-culture non-denominational apostolic and prophetic church focused on God's word. 

We provide biblical instructions to facilitate and address emotional, financial, physical, psychological, and spiritual issues that impact the body of Christ.  

Our ultimate goal is to teach believers to apprehend principles for living a victorious life as a son or daughter of the Living God.

We are located at 1405 North Luna Avenue in Chicago, Illinois 60651.  Just 30 minutes from downtown Chicago. 

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1405 Luna Avenue, Chicago, Ill 60651
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Deliverance Apostle Roosevelt Simpkins, Senior Pastor of C.U.M.C have committed myself to the call of the gospel of the Kingdom and determined with the power of the Holy Spirit to see its power, growth and expansion.
Praise to Worship
Set Free Apostle Roosevelt Simpkins
Prophet Mattie Simpkins
Standing in the forefront of deliverances